Just 3 tunes: Busy Signal, Rocket and Baloji

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Not listened to much this week, so half measures it is./

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  1. Busy Signal – ‘Ghetto Life’

    A stone-cold, sparse and simple riddim, over which Mr Signal advises snitches to keep their own counsel and of the relative merits and dangers of the ghetto. Rapped verses and sung choruses, in a good way.

  2. Rocket – ‘Way Back’ (Prod. By Filthy Gears)

    Mario themed bars over a Mario themed riddim. Works a lot better than it sounds like it would.

  3. Baloji – ‘Spoiler’

    A bit cheesy maybe, but the good lady wife has been battering this one for a while and I can resist no longer. An irrepressibly cheerful afropop tune rapped over in a combination combination of French and I think Swahili?