Starts off with some weird pop, then goes a bit trancey and finishes on a pop tune. But not like that.

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  1. Amadou & Mariam – ‘Filaou Bessame’ (10lec6 Remix)

    A light hearted sounding and irrepressibly upbeat little number with lovely voices and percussion. The little breakdown reminds me of the one in ‘Holy Ghost’ by the BarKays, sort of. Anyway it’s a little cheesy, and even has a low-key disco pew-pew noise but I like it.

  2. Pandreas – ‘Den Litle Tromme, Gut’

    An assist from The Average Man, it’s a lovely bit of robo-funk. A perfect bit of organic-cyber action with just the right amount of cowbell and sentient sentiment.

  3. Ibaaku – Sanza Nocturne Remix

    This one is not fucking about at all: straight out of the traps and into a locked groove.
    Chromatic percussion and a driving beat. The track trances out and the rhythm switches up and about a good bit. I’d love to see the reaction to this in a rave.

  4. TLC Fam – Gida Mjitha (African_Resto)

    Again, not an overcomplicated track. It’s a nice atmospheric tranced-out bit of Gqom with just the right amount of cowbell. Also, whistles.

  5. great dane – dirty daddy

    A hot rhythm with vocals that are processed to fuck and auto-tuned into an exotic scale. Doesn’t outstay its welcome either.

  6. Life is Better Blonde – Mine

    A nice soulful pop tune to finish on. More vocal fuckery. The artist may have a James Blake record or two (which is of course a recommendation rather than a slight).