I was tempted to just do my 6 favourite versions of HUMBLE, and then I heard Lava by Nightwave …

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  1. Nightwave – Lava

    A gloriously pummelling and life affirming tune with a pretty refrain and everyone’s favourite bass drum.


    THE TUNE of the year, remixed once again for your listening pleasure. Kicks off like a Spacemen 3 tune from way back then morphs into a footwork version of THE TUNE.

  3. Tony Quattro — Fuerza (feat. Nani Castle)

    Massive flute tune. They come around every few years. Simple and effective damage following a time tested template.

  4. PG Baur – Find You

    Banger. Reminds me of a few of the later Bonesbreaks 12s I used to have (10 and ??). Raw house.

  5. Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE (Spekulate the Philosopher Remix)

    Wavy as fuck. Cleverer than it could have been.

  6. Minke — Gold Angel (Savoir Adore Remix)

    Classic late 90s vibe done better.
    That voice coming over the bassline though, so hard. Also, cowbell.
    The bit at 2.22 can fuck off though, unless my mdma just kicked in. It seems that Vince Clark pitches in to lend a hand about about 3.40, saving the day.

  7. Bonus: Dazed Mix — Nightwave

    Dope. A stone-cold classic mix. I love her aesthetic.